Tired of wasting time and resources dialing leads that you can't get on the phone or don't meet your qualifying requirements? TANVENTURE can solve your problem.
We call every lead - 100% guaranteed
We call using your approved script
We confirm interest & core requirements Our
Our Call Verified lead program is exclusive and customized to
deliver the highest quality prospects at the best possible price.
Our first step is to work with our clients to identify and market your program only to candidates that fit your ideal target audience. Targeting by professional experience, education or income level is only the first step.

TANVENTURE works with nationwide resources to cultivate Potential Entrepreneurs, at a career crossroad, which have identified themselves as potential franchisee candidates.

Our approach to every franchise is unique. Tanventure Media leverages a full range of services to find the ideal candidates and to generate leads that will meet or exceed your franchise goals.

Tanventure Media provides phone verified, qualified prospects waiting for your phone call. For any business that relies on obtaining new franchisees, our pre-verified leads are guaranteed to be fresh, targeted and highly responsive, allowing you to maximize your conversion rates and achieve a real return on investment.

• Price Per Lead: $60- $95 per lead
• Minimum Test: 250 leads
1. Database Development
- Our marketing staff will build a database of potential candidates uniquely qualified to run your franchise. We build the "suspect list" using online behavioral targeting, occupational experience, income history and employment status.

2. Scripting and Candidate Filter Criteria - The scripting process is unique to your franchise and will include filter questions to ensure each candidate is qualified. Filter questions will mirror your own inquiry form. Prospects must confirm they have the appropriate qualifications and capital required based on your specific franchise.

3. Lead Delivery and Follow Up - Real-time lead delivery. Once a user has been qualified and has shown a genuine interest, we deliver the inquiry immediately.

• Exclusive                             • Real-Time Delivery
• Phone Verified & Qualified     • USA Leads Only
• Leads Responsive & Ready
  for Franchise Opportunities