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Customized Landing Pages Our 3 Step Approach

Step 1 - A Landing page built for direct response. Creating a feature and benefit focused landing page is the first step in the qualification process. An educated consumer is a qualified prospect. Our micro sites ensure a prospect has the opportunity to learn about your company’s products and services before taking the time to request information. You control the creative brand and information presented and we do all of the direct response design and production work.

 Step 2 - Customized Lead Forms. We require complete contact data and additional qualifier’s to filter out low quality prospects before you receive the lead. The qualifications process is rigorous and confirmed at every stage. 

Step 3 - Marketing. Reaching the ideal target is a key component in finding the best candidates for your company. Marketing to the best target audience will help improve response rates, lead quality and increase lifetime value. We work with our clients and publishers to place the ideal offer with the best possible site or list owner. TANVENTURE creates campaigns that work for the advertiser and publisher, resulting in long term partnerships that benefit all.

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