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Co-registration – A cost effective method to online lead generation. Similar to cooperative direct mail; multiple advertisers share the cost of marketing to a specific audience. Place your company logo, company name and a brief description of your product or service in the registration section of selected web sites. Co-registration leads are delivered real time and because of the cooperative advertising format, you can generate Co-Registration leads at 1/10 the cost of a customized landing page program.

Standard Co-Registration – Collects the same profile information that is provided during the registration process. These data points usually include name, address & email. In certain situations the phone number is included.

Custom Co-Registration  Offers the advertiser an opportunity to further qualify a prospect during the lead generation process. By adding an additional step, an advertiser can require the prospect to answer customized qualification questions before submitting their request for your product or service. Custom questions produce a higher quality lead because the user must take the time to answer specific questions that best qualify a candidate, before they can request information on your company.

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